Southern California Wildfires

January 2, 2018 2:28 pm

Several fast moving wildfires raged in Southern California during the month of December. The Thomas fire began in Santa Paula, Ventura County and eventually made its way west to the Pacific Ocean, north into Santa Barbara County and deep into the Los Padres National Forest. The fire is now the largest wildfire to burn in California’s recorded history. It destroyed over 280,000 acres of land, claimed the life of a firefighter, and burned over 1,000 structures. The fire is mostly contained now, but the open, charred lands are prime for mudslides from coming winter rains. Crews are working to remove dead trees and debris that could clog storm drains and channels. Four other wildfires began in Southern California at the same time-in Los Angeles County, the Skirball fire, the Creek fire, and the Rye fire and the Lilac fire in San Diego County.

Strong Santa Ana winds, low humidity and a dry summer across the state created a perfect environment for wildfires to burn.


Cal Fire’s webpage provides details of ongoing fires along with evacuation (voluntary and mandatory) details, maps and locations of shelters here


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