Natural Hazard Disclosure Report


PDQ Disclosure provides fast, accurate, thorough, and easy to understand residential natural hazard disclosure reports at one of the lowest prices in the industry.

Our reports are:

Reliable. PDQ’s parent company, ImageCat Inc. is an international risk management innovation company, providing risk and disaster management technologies for 15 years. This expertise is channeled into accurate and reliable residential NHD reports through PDQ.

-Quick. PDQ reports are sent digitally and many arrive within minutes of submitting the order…some within seconds!

User friendly– PDQ Disclosure provides an easy to use ordering process and outstanding customer service.

Thorough. PDQ’s NHD report satisfies all legally required State hazard determinations and advisories as well as additional local disclosures where applicable.

Up to date– the hazard layers used to make determinations are updated continually, as they are released.


The PDQ residential NHD report includes the following disclosures and advisories:

Seismic Hazard Zone • Earthquake Fault Zone • Special Flood Hazard Area • Area of Potential Flooding from Dam Inundation • Wildland Fire Risks and Hazards • Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zone • Asbestos • Tsunami Inundation Zone • Airport Noise • Airport Influence Area • Airport Runway Proximity • Formerly Used Defense Sites • Commercial and Industrial Zoning • Right to Farm • Mining Operations • Potentially Elevated Indoor Radon Gas Levels • Protection of California Red-legged Frog from Pesticides • Williamson Act • Abandoned Wells Advisory • Carbon Monoxide Advisory • California Energy Commission Energy Rating Guide • Health Effects of Lead Guide • Homeowner’s Guide to Earthquake Safety • Mold Advisory • Registered Sex Offender Database (Megan’s Law) Advisory • Methamphetamine Contamination Advisory • Gas and Hazardous Liquid Transmission Pipelines Advisory • Residential Environmental Hazards Guide • San Diego Faults, Liquefaction, Landslide and Instability and Fire • San Bernardino Faults • San Francisco Bay/SFBDC Jurisdiction • San Joaquin Valley Wood Burning Stove Disclosure

Sample Property Hazard Disclosure Report


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