What do your reports cost?
– Our standard Natural Hazard Disclosure Report is $39.95. A California Tax Disclosure Report can be added for $29.95, and an Environmental Report can be added for $19.95.

I have forgotten my password, what do I do?
– There is a link on the login page that will let you reset your password.

I have forgotten my username, what do I do?
– Please give us a call at (562) 628-1814 and we can find it for you.

I didn’t order a tax report but I need one now. How can I order one?
– Please give us a call at (562) 628-1814 or email us at info@pdqdisclosure.com and we can add that to your order and get that to you pretty darn quick.

I have a property with multiple APNs, can I order just one report?
– Our policy is one APN per report. If your property spans multiple parcels you will need to order one report for each of them. This policy has arisen from the fact that adjacent parcels can be affected by different hazard zones.

Can I order a report for a commercial/industrial property?
– PDQ only does reports for residential locations. Any residential building with more than four units (i.e. a four-plex) is considered commercial and will require a different commercial report.

I ordered California Tax Data Report with your PDQ Disclosure Report and it is not included in my PDQ email. Where is it?
– If you ordered The California Tax Data Report along with your PDQ Disclosure Report, you will receive it in a separate email- the two reports do not get sent together.

Can the completed report be sent to more than just me?
– When submitting your order, there is a field for additional emails and any emails you enter there will receive a copy of the report